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Dr. Erin Urquia


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Dr. Erin was born in Sequim, Washington to Dr’s of Chiropractic Leslie Van Romer and Joseph Urquia and was nurtured from an early age in living a holistic lifestyle and chiropractic principles. After graduating from Sequim High School she attended Western Washington University in Bellingham and graduated in 2006 with honors, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English Literature.


Before attending chiropractic school, she enjoyed several years of restaurant service and management. But after receiving inspiration from many mentors including her parents, Dr. Tony Palermo and Dr. Dean Harrison she started at Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose, California where she graduated in 2014, having received the Clinical Excellency Award. During her time at PCCW, she was chosen to be the Student Adjusting Lab Student Director and worked with Dr. Snow, the Director of Clinics, as an assistant and organizer of the 13th quarter externship program. It was there that she met Dr. Rob Thomas on the first day of the program. They married in September of 2014.


After returning home to Port Angeles, they both worked under Dr. Joseph Urquia at Family Chiropractic Center; Rob until 2017 and Erin until 2016 when she gave birth to their first child, Thea Rachel Thomas. Dr. Rob and Dr. Erin opened Sequim Family Chiropractic Center in Sequim, Washington in 2017 and welcomed their second daughter, Esme Louise Thomas, and Australian Labradoodle, Cody, in 2020. 

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415 North Sequim Avenue

Sequim, Washington


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